Chamber Hand Pipes

If you’ve ever smoked a pipe, you know how classy and fun it is. However, you also probably know that pipes can be inconvenient, especially if you’re constantly on the go throughout the day. RotaBowl has the perfect solution for you. We’ve created chamber pipes that eliminate messes and add variety to your smoking experience. Check out our chamber hand pipes today!

What Is RotaBowl?

RotaBowl is our metal smoking pipe that has a specialized five-chamber design. All you have to do is fill the five chambers with your choices of tobacco, and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about spills, tools for disassembly, or screens to change.

We’re proud to say that our pipes are all created right here in the United States using aircraft-grade aluminum, so you know that the pipe you buy is durable and high-quality. Plus, we offer a wide variety of color options and laser-etched designs, so you can choose the chamber pipe that fits your style. You can also choose to buy a full kit, which comes with a reloading case and smell-proof case for your pipe.

We’re dedicated to providing you with the most convenient and enjoyable way to smoke. Try out the revolutionary RotaBowl for yourself today.

Click on the left side of the screen to see what products and designs we have available, or send us a message with our contact form if you have any questions. We’re excited to hear from you and revolutionize your smoking experience.


The RotaBowl Pipe is perfect for the person on the go. Fill up to 5 chambers at-a-time with the innovative RotaBowl Pipe!

Get the complete RotaBowl Kit and have everything that you need for convenient, personal-use or to wow your crowd.

From laser-etched product grinders to one-of-a kind Rolling Trays, get the latest accessories for your RotaBowl Here.

Upload your own design for a completely custom laser etched Rotabowl or Rotabowl accessory.