American Made

Aircraft Quality Aluminum

Finely-Detailed Craftsmanship

Thank your for visiting for revolutionary, and one-of-a-kind, RotaBowl pipes (and accessories).

Each RotaBowl product is designed for durability, easy maintenance and convenience.

I created the RotaBowl in 1996 at a small machine shop in Minnesota. Each RotaBowl product is still made in Minnesota with American made aircraft quality aluminum.

The Rotabowl Is available in 10 different Anodized colors.  We have also added a smell-proof carrying case for the Rotabowl with a small pouch inside to keep your extra tobacco fresh, it comes in 5 different logo colors the case also has a Rotabowl RELOAD canister, inside the canister is another 5 chamber bowl you can have loaded for easy change out if you’re on the go.

We also added the 2.500 inch 4pc. Rotabowl RIPPER available with the same 10 laser’ d images as the Rotabowl, And the 2 Rotabowl Rolling Trays to add to your collection.